Be a winner!

TVs for Two! Just when you thought the gift-giving was over, 96 one the wave extends the gift-giving into January. To start the New Year out right, we double the gift-giving with the TVs for Two Giveaway. Simply send us, in 96 words or less, the reason why you should win. The TVs for Two giveaway ends January 31, and the winner will be chosen before the big NFL championship game.

Business of the Day. Starting Feb. 1 and continuing through Nov. 30, we’ll play our Business of the Day game every day! Just write down our Business of the Day every day and then turn in your list at the end of the month. We’ll see who’s got the most accurate list and then draw a winner. The complete rules are here.

Treasure Hunt. In December, we’ll start taking clues to our sponsors. You get the clues and find the “treasure.” Winner takes all! It’s a wild week or two, depending on how long it takes you to find the treasure. Good luck! The complete rules and details are here.

Kansas Lottery giveaways and remotes. Listen for announcements of Kansas Lottery ticket giveaways. The announcement will say which caller (third, fifth, sixth, etc.) will win. When you hear the announcement, call 343-9393 immediately to win!


And everybody who plays wins at our Kansas Lottery remote broadcasts. Go to our Calendar page to see where our next Lottery remote will be!